Here comes winter, the real one with the real cold! We comforatbly stay home, wrapped in a bear fur, by the stove, still hangover of too much food and drink from New Year’s eve. We need our mind to escape to warmer horizons so we can stay awake. Of course we could listen to the entire Glenn Gould recordings, and slowly get into hibernation, but at Le Mouching, we have better than that! At first you are going to fall asleep a little, not really asleep, more like day dreaming, and than you’ll feel that heat wave getting to you and you’ll end dancing by the fire! This gift is from our friends at 716they take us to Cabo Verde, Green Cape, between Africa and Brazil, this amezing mixtape Radio Hobo: Morabeza is the best cure for apathy and procrastination! Play that loud, opening season is coming, soon!

Don’t forgret  Offliberty is your best friend!