Today, here’s a jewel, a gem for your ears and your soul. For most of our readers Tommy Guerrero is probably another of those dj’s we found on the web, but for the few who know him, they are already turning the sound up! Tommy Guerrero is an icone of West Coast skateboarding but also a musician, so when he makes a mixtape of the tracks that inspired him the most, you can be sure it’s going to be awesome! And for that reason we strongly suggest that you donwload that mix! DOn’t expect to find a mixtape where you are going to dance all night sweating winter out, no, it’s a cool one, the ind of mixtape you want to be with your darling to dance with, because it’s HOT! All the ultimate Jazz and Soul from the West Coast with a pinch of Funk especially mixed so you can practice your 3.6 flip.


Dude, check that tracklist…

John Coltrane – ‘Aisha
Cymande – ‘Dove’
Santana – ‘Waves Within’
Syl Johnson – ‘Is It Because I’m Black’
Bill Withers – ‘I’m Her Daddy’
Gil Scott-Heron – ‘The Bottle’
Curtis Mayfield – ‘If There’s A Hell Below’
Marvin Gaye – ‘T Plays It Cool’
Booker T and the MGs – ‘Melting Pot’
Merry Clayton – ‘Southern Man’
Bob James – ‘Nautilus’
Bobbi Humphrey – ‘Harlem River Drive’
Donald Byrd – ‘Lansanas Priestess’
The Main Ingredient – ‘Euphrates’