Living by the Gun!

Forget about the usual tropical mixtapes we feed you with, here’s level two of Le Mouching mixtapes! You can wear your leather jacket and your engine oil fragrance, this mixtape is sick! I mean THOSE mixtapes are sick! Since we play them at the office, the athmospere is totally different, from time to time we get down our working chairs and sart dancing randomly it’s so beautiful! So in order to enjoy those mixtapes from Juke Joint, just download Living by the Gun #1 and than Living by the Gun #2 and play them on your system, otherwise,just click on the links below. But one thing is for sure: Play them with power, loud and clear! Those mixtapes are like gold to our ears!

Living by the Gun #1


Richard Caiton : Listen To The Drums

Rev Cleo Robinson : Rusty Old Halo

Marlowe Morris Quintet : Play That Thing

Rico : Stokenewington Hop

Tito Ramirez : Be My Girl

Dick Ryan : Once, A Million Times

Dick Holler : Living By The Gun

Billy Daniels : Woe, Woe, Woe

Gates Intino : She Just Said No

The Singers : Just A Little Further

Eddie & Ernie : Turn Here

Rudi Stuart : Strong Mans Tears Fall Dry

Wendy Rene : After Laughter Comes Tears

Betty Lavette : Let Me Down Easy

Big Maybelle : Lord,What Are You Doing?

Pat Lundy : City Of Stone

Tony Adams : The Blues Don’t Like Nobody

Buddy Ace : True Love, Money Can’t Buy

Betty Everett : Please Love Me

The Soul Notes : Don’t Make Me Beg

Albert Washington : Somewhere Down The Line


Living by the Gun #2


The Crykle : The Visit ( she was here )

The Mopptops : Ruler Of My Mind

Johnny Cool & The Counts : That’s You My Love

Eddie Kirk : Every Hour,Every Minute

Los Diablos : Me Tratas Mal ( Don’t let me Down )

The Motivaters : Ode To Loneliness

I Kings : Ma Non E Giusto ( She’s Not There )

Fred Carter Jr : Not I Pretty Baby

The Sensational Epics : Its A Gass

Mae West with somebody’s chyldren : Shakin’ All Over

Johnny Kid & The Pirates : Shakin’ All Over

Link Wray & The Ray Men : Rumble

Cory Wells and The Enemy’s ” Sinner Man ”

Felix & His Fabulous Cats : Savage Girl

Willum Fowler : Come On

Johnny Bachelor : Mumbles

Jack Scott : Go Wild Little Sadie

Freddie Cannon: Tallahassee Lassie

Jeff Daniels : Switchblade Sam

Howard Crockett : Night Rider

Bob Talyor and The Counts : Thunder

The Losers : Snake Eyes

The Tourquetts : ( who’s got the ) Tortillas