When you start fly fishing, on the scale of happiness level one is probably the first fish you catch on you own, no matter the size, than it’s probably the first fish you catch on YOUR fly, the one you tied and that probably looked like shit, than since we always need more (not that we want more but the philisophical difference between Need and Want is telling us we are addicts) so that level of satisfaction is reached by catching a fish with the fly you tied and the rod you built!img-7438

Of course you can buy a carbon blank from a well known brand but what’s the point, the rods made those brands are probably far better than the one you would build yourself. No, the magic trick is to build a FIBERGLASS rod! A rod that’s fun to play with, a rod that needs you to change a little what you have learn when you cast, and definatly a rod that will require more skill when you catch a fish than just trowl it back to the net, becaus Fiber is fun! But if you are lazy you can also buy a completed rod!2_RAISE_YOUR_GLASS_980x451

For that matter we strongly suggest you get yourself the 3rd generation of Fiberglass from Blue Halo ! You will not only choose the weight of your rod, but also the number of pieces and the colour! And the guys from Blue Halo, are like you, they love Le Mouching ! All_Colors__64982.1507313272.1280.1280

Go! Xmas is amost there, do yourself some good!