Sons de Cuba, a mixtape worth a good rhum anejo!

Everytime I go to Cuba, and I’ve been going for awhile, since 1992, in the heart of the périodo especial, at the time where when you wanted to have fun, you had to go to the little bals in the suburbs wher you could dance empty headed. So every year as winter goes on forever and I can not stand it anymore, I pack. I pack my fishing gear and my best dancing shoes and I fly to Havana where I find back y habits, fresh fish from Santy’s hidden restaurant in Jaimanitas,  the little wooden house by the sea on the Marina, 2$ cigars from Eduardo, the easy life before catching up with Marco and Nelson, the guides with eagles eyes and strong caracter, with whom I laugh more on the boat than all year long. But not this year, like the previous year too. And the reason for all of that: dollars! Mulah! Cuba has been waiting for thousands of US tourusts so the prices went up, up, up! And all that made Cuba an amzing place tends to turn into a massive tourist resort, the afordables fishing trips went two times, sometimes three times more expensive, the little wooden house on the Marina is now on Airbnb and you have to spend for a night what used to be for a week, and Santy’s secret restaurant is on tripadvisor, it’s now 3 times the size and people are almost coming by coach as before you had to do everything almost undercover, you had to come during the day, book the table, he would just take the amount of customers he could feed with his daily fishing, than you would come back at night on a dark alley, knock on that litle door and tell your name so you could get in. All of that is gone, what is left are my meories of Cuba as it was “before”. But one thing never changes, the music! and here’s a mixtape to download, Salsa Rétro. Enjoy!