Música sentimental for all the sad girls and sad boys.

That’s for sure, with such a title you’re going to ask yourself what’s going on at Le Mouching?  But trust us, you need, we all need some Love and that’s what this mixtape is about! LOVE! Slow dance, latin slowdance, the perfect mixtape to kiss under the stars, or just be alone and daydream, here at Le Moucing ,we are dancing, dancing very close to each other, it’s true that everyone from the building came up for the evening drink and when we started to play that mixtape, at first nobody noticed anything but soon couples started to dance together, and it went on until very, very late at night! So if you want ot do the same, if you beleive in Love, if you like boleros, rancheras, if you like to dance close to the one you love or the one you want to love, this is the perfect mixtape and you should download it here and play it loud with very little light, or you can listen to it clicking below! Have fun!