Glimpse of life in Bearn, South West of France

It’s like fishporn but nicer, that film has a texture, something that is different from a lot of films we show you, first it’s French, and there are not enough French films on Fly Fishing, than it’s shot in an area that is just fantastic, Western Pyrenees, Le Bearn ! You have to come and fish there, it’s not easy but it’s so beautiful, the food is amazing, the people great and life is like nowhere else. Did you know that it is in Bearn that  Golf and Fly Fishing were introduced to France? The reason is going to amaze you. For the British who stayed long in India in the 19th centhury and in the early 20th, beforer they would go back to England, they would stay in the Pau area, where they could accomodate to the English weather after having stayed for years in the wet and hot colony. Bearn was perfect for that, the weather is mild, it’oceanic therefore it rains, and it’s mountainy, so the “indians” had to stay here in Pau for a few months, that’s how fly fishing started, because the rivers “Gaves” were filled with sea trout and salmon! You never knew that, did you?