Rocksteady, rockabilly, jazz, salsa, blues and reggae, all of it is for you! Let it swing!

Ah, we’ve missed the friday’s mixtape, i’m sure you managed other ways. So for you to forgive us, here are 3 fantastic mixtapes that you are going to be able to play and dance in the shade of a warm afternoon, or are you going to play them in the evening when you are really hot and ready to dance? Don’t worry, it’s easy going. Happy Father’s day!

The first mixtape is that timeless bomb by  Mr Woods: Hidden Treasures 2019 (cliqck to download)   it’s amazing, from the rocksteady to rockalbilly, Blues, Jazz, this mixtape is going to make you shake and slide on the dancefloor, it’s perfect for an early evening or an after lunch party!

That second mixtape is like a heatwave, yo feel yourself dancing bearfeet under the palm trees. If the first mixtape warmed you up, this one is going to cool you down! Vice Versa, Reggae & Dub Special mix 23 (click here too to download).  You won’t have to think, just let your feet guide you, it’s slow and mellow, perfect for digestion under the stars! Whatever you’re doing, whereever you are, just enjoy playing them!

The third one is an awesome mix from Vice Versa again, the exquisit Cocktail Time #6 (click to download)! The perfect music to chill, tie flies or nap on the couch. Also amazing when you have friends around!