Dubwise Garage : Bob Marley remixed by Lee Sctrach Perry, bliss in a loudspeaker!

Holidays are here, warm days are forcing you to nap, the heatwave is stalling the fish, evening hatches are disapointing but the night is yours and what else but listening to the sweet sounds Lee Scratch Perry revisiting Bob Marley’s hits and unknown songs and giving them a twist through a dream machine?  You can download the mixtape here and dance to it under the stars or if you’re hitting the road, your drive will seem shorter, just turn the sound up!

The Wailers-Lee Perry Produced Rare Extended Tracks
Duppy Conqueror Extended Mix
Small Axe Extended Mix
400 Years Extended Mix
No Sympathy Longer Mix
Corner Stone Extended Mix
It’s Alright Extended Mix
Soul Rebel Extended Mix
Long Long Winter Extended Mix
No Water Extended Mix
Soul Almighty Extended Mix
Try Me Extended Mix