You have to give, you have to help, our friends from  The Venturing Angler show you how to.

Dorian, it’s like hell on earth, where we are we often cannot really aknowledge how hard it is to live through and after an huricane, basicaly it’s hell. Just think about the strongest winds you had at home, well it’s 3 times stronger. And as for the rain and waves, only the second floors where almost not flooded. Many of the bahamean houses only have one floor. To get the right picture see the satelite viw below: in yellow, the actual shape of the island of Abaco. In blue, the water, in dark green : what is not flooded. abaco

Here’s The Venturing Angler page, all the way to help are listed, and you must help! Even if you give 10$. Giving a little is helping a lot, especialy if we all support.Capture d’écran 2019-09-04 à 20.21.52