Here we are, locked down at home, no way out, impossible to go fishing, restrictions are falling in the news one after the other like trout feeding on a june hath! What’s left for us but love, love for the ones we care for, love for what we do, love for llife. For that love here are two beautiful mixtapes that you can play loud in bed making love, on your couch daydreaming or at the vise, tying up the most beautiful mayflies you ever tied! We only have love and a lot of time before us, let’s share that love!

Watch out, this mixtape dedicated to JMSN (read JAMESON) is what you can find best in soul r1b right now. Jmsn has been giving us love album after album each one hotter than the other since 2012! So here’s the best of the best, an entire mixtape to listen to loud! Love will pour from your speakers! To download it, try this link, otherwise listen by clicking below!

Let’s keep on with a cool vibe, here’s Gones latest mixtape, you know Gones, the guy who spreads love by spinning his turntables! It grabs you by the chest and throws in your heart a mixtape made with hip hop, soul and groove. Your heart is going to beat so loud, you’re going to forget you are on lock down! Try this link otherwise click below.

Do you smell that perfume, that heart that beats, than skin under the silk, that body that gets close to you every step you dance? You’re trapped, you’re going to spend the quarantine in bed!

Enjoy, let’s meet up next week, we know you are stuck home, we’ll search the web to find the best for you! In the meantime, stay safe, stay home.