Sun is shining, windows are opening, you’re sunbathing on the balcony, the luckiest ones in the garden. Darn, that quaratine is a pain! Luckily for you we have a few mixtapes to make your life easy and make time fly! This time there’s plenty to listen to, a first part to take easy and a second to dance like maniacs! Have fun!

To ease your downloads, I suggest you grab THIS which allows you to get everything to you computer! Once you have it, just paste the address of the mix you want to download, and it’s automatic! Works with almost everything.

Sugar Shack Sounds vol 1, a playlist that is going to set you in a good mood, absolut happiness, that goes from funk to pop, to reggae, to R&B with amazing songs from Jon Kennedy, Rico Rodriguez, Guru ft Isaac Hayes, Tina Turner, Freestylers ft Spanner Banner & Tenor Fly ! A gem from Nike Sparx discotheque! It’s been a while since I havent’ heard anything like that!

Since one gem is not enough to make a necklace, here’s to wake you up smoothly and feel that shiver in your back! Warning it might make you want to move a little more! Latin Soul Mix (Complete lockdown Version) par New York Rican Soula nap like you never took one!

You’re getting warmed up? Are you ready to let go yourself? Here’s another gem for you necklace: Afro Funk de Roosticman, watch out, we’re cranking up a little!

Want to move a little more? Here’s an hip hop, funk, soul hard to resist to! That bang bang booty is going to drive you nuts! Blacktape #11 spéciale quarantaine les brésiliens de The Sound Osasco! Turn the sound up, it’s full of surprises!

Now that you are hot and ready, I have to tell you something: it’s Madame Mouching’s birthday! And Madame Mouching is the Queen of Salsa! So especialy for her (and me, since we’re locked down together) here’s to dance the quarantine away! ¡Feliz cumpleaño, mi corazòn!

To warm up :Latin Soul Mix de New York Rican Soul (you get it they are our favorites!) vous aurez compris qu’ils sont parmi nos favoris) please turn the sound up for this version of  The World is a Getho!  It’s so sensual, it’s bliss!

Done with foreplay? Let’s get the real thing! El Montuno se hace Guaguanco y el cemetero esta lleno de guapos!  by Kandela, you’re going to spin and spin!

All of you readers, please stay home and have a safe quarantine, we love you! see you next week for anotther selection of mixtape!