Choose your best friends and take them fly fishing on an expedition in the remote wilderness of Lapland. Than see what happens!

Another film by Rolf Nylinder? We have the feeling he’s been shooting all summer long and when winter came he edited the footage in several little shorts. We’re probably right, but his films are always one of a kind, they bring so much poetry that you can watch them over and over in those times of confinement and they’ll bring joy to your quarantine boring day! Once more: stay home and make the best out of your 24 hours. One day you’ll be back to the river and the fish will be waiting for you!

I made this one for Podsol Markus Lemke (The Last Boss) is the expedition leader, Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man On Earth) is the expedition photographer and Håvard Stubö (Jazz and Fly Fishing) is the wilderness navigator. I guess it’s a fly fishing film. Kristian plays a little bit of Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher than the rest”, he should do that more often. He also made the first and the last tune in the film. The other song is from Jazz and flyfishing.