In the heart of the italians Alps, discover the way fly fishing exists since at least the XVIth century, discover Arturo Pugno one of the last, if not the last, fly fisherman using this technic. It’s much more than fly fishing.

Another Patagonia film, a film that is exactly what we love at Le Mouching, a film about human kind, a film about love, about nature and about fly fishing, but most of all about mankind. This film is a gem, meet Arturo on the Sesia river, with Paolo Badino (Atturo’s nephew), Mauro Mazzo and Yvon Chouinard, let you self being guided in that remote and amazing valley of the Valsesiana, let your mind time travel to the almost teenager’s Arturo’s voice. See how he catches trout where you cannot see them, how he manages to make is fly so appealing to the fish, floating or sinking, see how he uses horse’s hair line, learn and open your heart as your eyes. This film is a blessing. This film is ment to remind us what fishing once was like and how we have to protect our rivers and the wildlife, how we have to be part of it and not harvest to feed our greed.

You can watch it now or watch it on Patagonia’s Facebook page on wednesday April 29th. For a live show.