The Trout Hunt: footage shot 10 years ago, the same time that song  from The Tallest Man On Earth – The Wild Hunt, was written, all of this filmed and edited by Rolf Nylinder for Podsol.

How is Sweden the luckiest country in Europe? They don’t seem to have the Coronashit, and they are the only fly fishing country with no confinement rules! But we cannot get there! All of Europe is on lockdown, North America is on lockdown, and we do’nt know when traveling bann will be lifted. We also hope that not being on quarantine really means they don’t have Covid-19. In the meantime, thank you guys for allowing us to dream watching your films!

Since we don’t come to bother you on a Sunday, empty handed, here’s a private concert from The Tallest Man on Earth!

And don’t you came tell us you’re not lucky!