De-confinement is in the air, so we read, a lot of countries, states, counties, are re-opening fishing and river access! But if you’re like us, you now that we are not going to rush to the rivers, bait and lures anglers are going to be the first ones, a lot of rivers are still murky from the spring rains, and we will wait for better and warmer days to come so we can fly fish with dries, unless you want to use the killer San Juan Worm!

The other news, are all the losses there was on the path of that Coronavirus, and the rest of this post should warn you about the lockdown release and the importance of keeping a distance and not hugging each others a sif nothing happened. Except Florian Schneider, from Kraftwerk, all, yes all the people listed below have died because of Covid-19, so please don’t think it’s not serious and that everything is going to be the same from one day to the next. Everything is going to be different from now on. Stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask (or at least a buff) when you get close to people. Keep a safe distance!

Holly crap! We just edited the post when the news came through! Little Richard is on the list! How sad is this! Gosh we loved him whith his hairdo, his make up, his pearls and his boogie woogie! Without him we would probably never had Prince. Enjoy that London concert.

Lee Konitz – Jazz Saxpalyer whoplayed on Birth of Cool, by Miles Davis, here is with Bill Evans, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen at the bass and Alan Dawson on drums. Two songs live from the famous Tivoli in Cppenhagen:  How deep is the ocean and Beautiful Love.

Fred the Godson from South Bronx, listen to Talkin’ Bout the Money, a gem for the ones who like rap.

Hamilton Bohannon, godfather of disco, dude he would have loved you celebrate his death wearing sequins and shaking your booty like in the 80’s! Turn up the sound and get to the dancefloor, here’s Foot Stompin’ Music!

Tony Allen, Fella’s drumer, ambassador of the’Afrobeat, he influenced si many drumers with thi smix of Juju music from Nigeria and funk a bridge between King Sunny Adé and Fella. Here he is in a music festival in France called Vieilles Charrues in 2015 but I also added that song I really like, he did with Damon Albarn: Go back. I have tears in my eyes writting those words, I have many memories with him at Radio Nova in Paris in the 90’s.

Florian Schneider from Kraftwerk, in the late seventies, my brother who was writting for an undergraound magazine brought me a record of what was called German Rock, there was some nice and weird sh#t on it, sounds had never heard before but soon thy were to be know as Sauerkraut Rock, and Krafwerk would leed the way to electro music. What you have to do is dance like we used to , at that time, cool and robotic at the same time!

TY (T.Y), this rapper from Brixton (UK) participated to Soul to Soul, sang with  Roots Manuva, and was a typical character from that part of London, funny and caring but also rebelious! We love his music videos, Let’s Start, for the graphisme, the editing, the dancer, but also the music that grabs you and doesn’t let go!

Brixton Baby, amazing shots of Brixton, that London area, craddle of the reggae, the punk and the openmindedness, a neighborhood where music is everywher. Music and rebellion.

So, guys, please beware when you go out and think that it’s over, please, take care of yourselves, we love you. #Istayaway