Big fish are always fun to catch, especially big Tarpon, you feel like you are catching a veal with a rope (if you ever caught a veal with a rope). The donwnside of catching a BIG tarpon it’s that it’s really tiring. The good side is that fly fishing is full of surprises !

Check out this guy in Puerto Rico,  fly fishing for Tarpon, he’s alone on his bass boat, in the mangrove and having fun, he hooks a massive Tarpon, one of those big loners we all dream about. But, being alone when you catch such a fish might be harder than you think, first the fish is really strong and you have to always try to tame it, than the boat is your second rod or at least the boat helps you to counter the fish. Than catching a fish that size (!) is full of surprises and unexpected interactions! A TWO HOURS AND FORTY MINUTES fight edited in 6 minutes! Let’s go to Puerto Rico!

Fisherman’s Tales, Fly Fishing Tarpon, Puerto Rico Outdoor Life from Puerto Rico Outdoor Life on Vimeo.