You thought you would take it easy, talking about Mayflies while laying on the grass by a chak stream? You were wrong. Let’s go to Cameroon fly fish for Capitaine, aka Nile Perch!.

THe first time I heard and ate Capitaine was in Hotel Atlantide in Gao, Mali, way before the islamist mayhem, when it was safe haven at the end of the Sahara trail. That fish and that fresh beer was bliss, than on the road laong Niger river, evry night we would have Capitaine, I had no idea you could fly fish for that fish, I was in my mid twenties, I had no idea fly fishing was an option, I thought it was for old coots. I was wrong, really wrong. So when I found that film about fly fishing for Capitaine in Cameroon, it reminded  me of that meal in Hotel Atlanide, long, long ago. You are ready for adventure? Watch that film on a big screen!