Anna Ortega, has an office that ranges accross Wyoming. Her job? finding more about white tailed deers, searching their poop, finding where they go and how they live. That’s her office, than she takes a break and goes fishing! And you, what about your office?

Right, you read the text above and you asked yourself, do I go fly fishing once work is over? My answer to this question was easy, I don’t, I commute for more than an hour. I wish I could be like Anna, living my passion with no boundaries than go do the things I love the most, be in the water with a serious fish catching my fly! We need to protect white tail deers, we need to protect trout, we need to protect rivers, we need to protect the outdoors, but in order to do that, we have to study the impact of humankind on nature, even if it’s checking poop!

Another great film from RC Cone.

Redington | OUT OF OFFICE from Redingtongear