An adventure on a mountain stream, in the forest, somewhere in Japan, an adventure that brings us coolness and that transports us somewhere that although seems familiar but totally disarming at the same time.This film is a beauty, a very moving beauty.

Here’s a lesson for all of us who shoot films with a GoPro that they stick to their chest and that gives us nausea after a few seconds, you can do better! Look this amazing film is shot by one man, the amount of shots, their variety, the editing, the music, the coice of the frame, everything makes that film something special. Something that touches us more than any regular film because it has a special message: it is you fishing!  Although we don’t know this river, we feel it’s us fishing, we feel the air, the perfume of the forest, we even feel the cold water in that heatwave, it makes the film refreshing!  It’s another view on fly fishing, very delicate, very peculiar, but at the same time it grabs us by the heart because it’s only showing feelings we know, and it’s by the feelings and the emotions we have that that film becomes ours.  Everything is distabelizing in this film, the river, the gear, the way it’s shot, the fish themselves (so beautiful) and the angler, so lonely but yet so happy. We don’t know anything about him, who he is (his name : I play with a valley fish doesn’t mean anything, we don’t even know where it’s shot, but who cares, what we have in common is that very special feeling of fly fishing and being happy, one with nature. Enjoy, and watch full screen.

2020 FLYFISHING I play with a valley fish by the arrival fly fishing in midsummer from mountain and a valley fish