How bad is the heatwave? Is it so hot that the fan is not enough and that you have to sit in front of the opened fridge, laying on the kitchen  tiles, in order to cool down? It’s complicated, if you use AC, you than add more heat ot global warming, it’s a catch22. So to save you from all that headache jus read SCOF’s Summer issue, you’ll forget of all your torments!

full cover

Nice  cover, right? Reminds you of Beggar’s Banket LP from the Rolling Stones? It also reminds us all the toilet we puked in or peed while on a fishing trip, right? This issue from Southern Culture Of the Fly is sick (as usual), you better get your gear ready, once you’ve read it, you could kill to go fishing!

It seems that the usal portfolio at the beginning of the mag is not to tease you but to set you in the perfect mood in order to be totally focused on fly fishing. Dive in!Capture d’écran 2020-08-12 à 16.43.11

Deal, text by Matt Smythe and illustrations by our dear friend Peter Perch! A beautiful

Atlanticus sometimes images, moving images are better than words, make thos Tarpon jump, baby!atlanticus

Fur and Feathers,  same as above, especially if you want to tie flies. Here the Shrimp Slurpee by Robbie Powell.shrimps

Cicadas, cicadas for Carp! Carp can’t say no. By David Crossman / photos: John Smolkocicadas

Russ Schnitzer amazing pictures!russ schnitzer

Step by step fly tying: the Dirty D Damzel by Rand Handzdamzel

Siddcarpa part3, amazing adventures of a carp fly fisher!sidcarpa3

Close to home, a great portfolio from our friend Steve Seinberg aka DaBossclose to home

Stay safe, next issue is November! In the meatime, make love and flyfish!