The warmth of summer days, when the gentle rain falls, almost warm, when we tell ourselves that it’s the perfect time to go fishing. We should never forget that nature rules, and sometimes things are not as easy as we wished they were.

Summer, is that unrully season, killing us with emotions, sometimes perfect, sometimes hell. For the past years summer days were torning us apart between drought and the desire to go catch fish when the temperature is perfect and the hatching drives fish and anglers crazy. Promises of a  joy and bliss that doesn’t last for long, a fish gushing up from the dark water under the tree and grabing your fly. This is what we long for, this is what makes us leave the house, this is what can feel us with happiness as well as frustration. But we don’t really care, all we want is to feel someting in our heart.

Luke Bannister is one of our fav’ film makers, his straightforward films are like japanese Haïkus, filled with poetry and a desarming beauty.

A Moody River from Luke Bannister