It just hit us on the face, “Toots” Hibbert from Toots and The Maytals, just passed away. Toots, the ultimate reggae band known for its first hit was Do the reggay which later became Do the Reggae.

It all started with that hit « 54-46, That’s My Number » and that one “Funky Kingston” or “Pressure Drop”. All those songs we would play loud and dance to, all those songs that when you listen to them, you instantly have a feeling of youth, because, yes, those songs were my youth! Now they do the same effect on me, wiht a difference, when I hear them I’m not thinking about the late 70’s of my early days in London, I’m thinking about tropical fishing! Rest in Peace and thanks for the fun!

Don’t forget to get Media Human, which allows you to download everything (mixcloud as well as Youtube) to your computer!

And for your ears, here’s Toots And The Maytals – November 25, 1982
Jamaica World Music Festival – Montego Bay, Jamaica

d1t01 – Pressure Drop
d1t02 – Get Up Stand Up
d1t03 – Beautiful Woman
d1t04 – Never Get Weary Yet
d1t05 – Going Away
d1t06 – All The Time
d1t07 – You Don’t Know
d1t08 – Reggae Got Soul


If you have never seen Toots in concert, here’s Toots & the Maytals in concert at Winterland (San Francisco in 1975) so you can see how much energy was on stage!