when our freinds from Hooké go discovering Lapland rivers, the catch Grayling fever! In those wide rivers coming down from glaciers, they are tens, hundreds, thousands of Graylings! River Torne drives you insane!

Kiruna, all the way North of Sweden, an iron city, a labyrinth of railroadtracks with freight train cars loaded with minerals. but it’s also the starting point for every fisherman going to Northern Lapland.

The mountains and their glaciers are feeding the many rivers of the area, sometimes wide as a runway, filled with Grayling. Our friends from Hooké are reaching there what could be called bliss. A happiness of fishing for hours and hours, catching fish after fish, in a remote region, in the heart of “nothing”!

Camp Luspen : Torne River grayling and trout fishing from HOOKÉ