We all dreamed one day to fly fish, than we had to do the footwork to learn how to cast, how to fish. Many of us didn’t learned to fly fish with a member of their family, it’s something we decided to do. Watch this film, even if it’s in French (Québec) you’ll remember that you too, one day you were a newbie!

I remember there was a lot of excitment as well as fear when I learned how to flyfish. Fear because a lot of old koots didn’t stop telling me It’s really hard, it requires a lot of squills, ittakes a lifetime to learn! Looking a little down at me as I was wearing sneakers a t shirt and jeans, “they” would be wearing a tweed jacket and corduroy pants, probably dreaming to be english Lords. So, it pushed me away, and I kept dreaming, so I bought myself a rod, some flies and decided to learn on my own. One day I was working with a friend who asked me you’re int fly fishing? I can teach you in  a week!  And we headed to a field and he tought me how to cast! I would never thank you enough for that, Jeremi Morichon ! Than I went fishing with a guide and everything became so easy. As for the old koots who pretended it was so hard probably to feel special, they can go suck a big one!

Watch this film, it’s all about caring, patience and love. Because fly fishing is about all that! The guide is Jean Philippe Tessier.