“What? There are pikes in this lake! It’s vermin, you have to kill them all”. That’s the picture of that fish 10 years ago. But now the whole fishery is boiling for Esox Lucius.

Yes, we still look like outsiders when we find ourselves at the edge of the water with our fly rod and our streamers and yet what a joy to catch a pike in this way. Seeing the lightning attacks on our flies is a pure treat. And what about the fight… a powerful fish that will not be easily put to dry. If you are afraid to take the leap because you don’t know much about it, well at Le Mouching we thought of you. Here is THE reference book for pike fly fishing written by Jacky Roehrig. 224 pages to allow you to learn or improve on the environnement, the material, the different techniques and of course a section of fly tying step by step.

You can buy it on the website of the Gerfaut’s edition for 39€. Here are some pictures.