A pocket knife, we all have one, but a Swiss Pocket Knife that links us to the sport we love – Fly Fishing for us – is the perfect Xmas present!

Wether you slice food, or open parcels, even cutting a cigar butt, or whatever you want ot do with it, we all have a penknife with us! But here’s something that you might like:  2020 Limited Sports Edition by Victorinox, you are going to be able to ick YOUR knife according to the message you want to send or to you liking! Ours is the Fly Fisherman!



They all have a small blade – a tooth pick – a nail file – scissors – a small screwdriver – tweezers – and a ring!

We also liked the Skateboard one, because we love skate, but we also like Skiing, and Moutaineering ! But if you prefer Diving, Soccer, or Cyclling, there’s one for you too! And if you do’nt really know, there’s one with plenty of sports on it, even bowling!

We’re sure you are going to find one that suites you! 21$, you should be able to afford it!