When it starts to get cold, when the morning frost makes you think twice about getting in the water, that’s when you want to go fishing for Hucho! Hucho that European migratory fish, you cathc in the Balkans!

The first time I met Rok, it was in the early 2000, he took me fishng my first big Marble trout, he new his rivers, and that tall guide (almost 6 feet 5) was always fun and in a good mood ! Fishing with Rok was a real pleasure, it was fun and most of all, we caught fish, big fish!

After that, I always told myself I would go back in winter to fly fish for Hucho, I was ready to go, I had my winter gear ready, but unfortunatly, I never had the opportunity, I even wrot ea film project about winter fishing for Hucho, but TV was not interested.SO, when I see this film, I want to do once thing, I WANT TO GO! Don’t you?