Let’s be realistic, we know that in a few years, Electric will be the new standard and maybe we’ll breath a better air. BTW, have you ever drove an electric car? It’s sick! And this one looks insane! Here is the Rivian R1S in the Keys taking us fly fishing. The R1T, is the pick up.

I know some of us think electric cars are not for today,  they are still  too expensive but most of all, they don’t drive far enough! Things will change very quickly, 5 years ago you wouldn’t even think about getting one (unless you were loaded). I spotted the Rivian in a magazine, I think it was last year, than I saw the pick up prototypes on Apple series “The long way up” and that’s when I started thinking, maybe when my huge car is dead, I’ll move to electric, if I can afford it.

So the 4X4 Rivian R1S is luxurious, big and fast, and when you add fly fly fishing to an  advertising film, of course we’re going to look at it: 300+ miles, 750 Horse Power! 7 seats and plenty of room (since there is no engine under the hood, you get extra space)! Let’s go to the Keys, in silence!

Rivian – Fly Fishing from Miko Lim