That’s adventure how we love it! Get four best friends in an old school bus and go explore fly fishing in Montana off the grid! Friendship, food and fly fishing, what else do you need to make your day less boring?

We’ve been following Wild Fly for awhile, but today we thought it’s time to share their adventures with you, if you don’t know them already. This series is just awesome, it makes us want to go fast forward and be done with 2020 already, we dream of a non confinement virus free lifestyle, we want to be in that bus with you guys, all we dream about is in your films! Friends, adventure, food and fly fishing! What else?

Short Bus Diaries

Episode ONE

Episode TWO

Episode THREE

Okay, you cannot wait until late spring? You have plenty of times in your hands, what about rigging up an old bus and getting ready for your next summer’s adventure?