Here are some great gifts ideas from our friends from HPA: a diving watch and knives, all from which 10% of the benefits will be given to the North Atlantic Salmon Fund! Perfect Season’s gifts!

Have you seen those beauties? To make it simple, the watch is permenantly at my wrist and the knife is my new EDC! Unless you are looking for a Mouching cap, it’s the perfect XMas present!

First of all, the watch!montre-hpa-grandair-sws-1

A real diving watch, waterproof (300 m/984ft), tough but not as big as some clocks people wear at their wrists! A normal sized watch (41mm) with sapphire glass, ceramic bezel and inside the famous Seiko NH35 automatic mechanism (40 hours reservre), so you have real watch at your wrist with a fine leather strap, not a plastic gadget!

Details that will tell who you are and show your commitment to the Atlantic Salmon protection: a Salmon on the watch itself, a salmon on the winder, another one on the buckle and last but not least, at the back of the watch, a Salmon on waves with SAVE WILD SALMON!

HArd not to want it, isn’t it? Place your Order HERE!

SWS knives (Save Wild Salmon)


As for the watch, 10% of the benefits will be given to the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, so not only you’ll have a great knife but you’ll also help wild Salmon funds! Mine (the micarta one) is with me all the time!

Three knives, one model! A perfect EDC, a knife with a beautiful inlaid Salmon in the handle. An handle that you can choose to be made in Carbon (slate black), in micarta (sage green) or in g10 (fiberglass and resin) in a beuatiful blue colour that all salt water fly fishers will love! The blade is made from japanese VG10 steal, with a lock-back for secutrity. The knife is 4 inches closed and nearly 7.5 opened.

Hard to resist to such candy! Order yours HERE