We have to find good things about confinement and COVID: all the fly fishing film festivals are going ot be available online and here’s one of the best ones! So get comfortable at home, gather your friends and enjoy the F3T – Fly Fishing Film Tour ! 

Between March 10th and April 4th: the F3T at home! How lucky are you? Can it get any better? Unfortunatly you won’t get the excitement of going to a venue and meet tens of other fly fishing addicts, but buy your ticket here  and ask yourfriends home to watch it on a big screen, you’ll order some pizzas or make a bbq, adn it’ll be bliss! Here are a few trailers (watch full screen).

 F3T is 15 yrs old!

Just like Mac : Oncle Mac’s poons!

River Tigers : Taïmen from Siberia!

Rewa Rodeo : Arapaima in Guyana!

A Journey Upstream:  Braker  brothers and Chesapeake Bay

Escape : When you have to be on the move so you don’t suffer

Dropped in the Pacific : Seven women Christmas Island

Leap Year :Skeena’s Steelhead

Hardlined : Stripped bass like never!

Tetiaroa :Society Islands=  Bonefish, but not only…

Mighty Waters: Martin Luther King in Bimini, Bahamas!

A soul cleansing Spot Burn: smallmouth bass!