Sad day under the tropics, and everywhere else. Bunny Livingstone aka Bunny Wailer is gone, and you know how we like Reggae at Le Mouching, a music easy to listen to and that sets you in a good mood, even if tonight it’s going to be harder. Bunny Wailer, yes, the one, the one who created and gave his name to The Wailers, with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

Tonight it’s going to be a real party “up there”! Jah Love.

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July 3rd 1980, It was early summer, and I remember it was pretty hot in Paris, and we loved it, since we woke up (around noon) we were playing reggae loud and strong, the Kaya album was playing over and over on the turntable. College exams had just finished, everything was possible, we all were going to go South,  summer was going to be a huge party, we were almost 20 and we loved life! We all got in the car, an old Peugeot 204 station wagon, and we headed to Le Bourget Airport, North of PAris, but after a few kilmoeters, we could not beleive what happened, we hit traffic and all the cars, all the motorcycles were people going to THE concert, everyone was going to listen to Bob Marley and The Wailers! People were getting out of the blocked cars and dancing on the motorway, reggae music was playing loud and every car was in a cloud of ganja! There was such a feeling of freedom! You have to understand that Bob Maley was a MASSIVE star at the time, and going to his concert was like a religion! Man that was an amazing concert, and when I see my sons who are intheir early twenties and have been stuck in confinement or curfew for a year now, I feel the luck we had, I remember my freinds who are gone, Hervé, Jérôme, Eric, Fabrice, Laurent… tonight, they are going to have a party up there with the Wailers!  I shed a tear and I remeber those days happy days.

01. Marley Chant 02. Natural Mystic 03. Positive Vibration 04. Revolution 05. I Shot The Sheriff 06. War / No More Trouble 07. Zimbabwe 08. Zion Train 09. No Woman, No Cry 10. Lively Up Yourself 11. Jamming 12. Exodus 13. Redemption Song (missing) 14. Natty Dread 15. Work 16. Is This Love? 17. Could You Be Loved? 18. Roots, Rock, Reggae 19. Kinky Reggae 20. Get Up, Stand Up