Dreams and imagination, that’s what we are left with to get through winter. Let’s hope the situation we’re in, will et better. In the meantime across the internets (yes, there are several of them) we found that film, with this guy who goes fishing his childhood river (Nærødal River) and for twenty minutes, we’re with him, in this amazing Norway. Whan we wathced it we forgot we were in winter and that the world was a wreck.

Going fishing the same river all your life for Salmon, in an amazing landscape in the Vestland country in Norway, that’s a  gift of it’s own.  Waterfalls rushing down from the mountains, clear waters and wooden red houses, there is something that repells and attracks us at the same time, I guess it is because we are latin, and Norway is not. Everything attracks us, maybe not the road by the camping, but tht’s the way it is in narrow valleys: river, road, village, fields. But the Nærødal river, who wouldn’t want to fish in it?

Click on subs to get english (little square at bottom right) and watch it full screen!