I must have been around 14 when  my brother gave me this record with a guy dressed up as a sheppard, in a cloud of smoke. He was back from Jamaïca where he went with Richard Branson to scout for new artists for Virgin Records, at the time a small comany which only had a hit that made it big, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfied. That record was amazing, as soon as I droped the needle on the record, screams came out my speakers, something I never heard before, there was this rythm, there was this voice, the way it was singing and talking at the same time, and those Eeeeeep Yay Whoooo and other screams! That was it, I new I loved U Roy instantly, and today, he’s gone. I’m sad but I put a record and play it and I want to dance! I hoe you too. Here’s a concert,  a few mixtapes, songs of U Roy, some might be twice or three times on different mixtapes, but who cares, they’re are so good ! Thanks for the vibes and the dance Daddy Roy! Rest in Peace.

Jah Love.

The easiest way to download everything to your computer is to get Media Human! Than you’ll paste the adress of the mixtape (by clicking on the title) you want and it’ll deliver it to you!