Opening day is always something special, for some of us we have to be by the river, no matter what, cold , rain, high waters, and hatchery fish. As for the others, opening day is just another day by the fireplace, listening to music and reading, waiting for better days, warm weather and wild fish raising on serious hatches! Here’s Pat Jaeger.

It’s always the same story, comes opening day, some have to run to the water, meet the friends, show their new gear, and talk more than they fish, it’s part of fly fishing life. Those get together, no mater the weather. Whao hasn’t done that? I did it my self for many years. Now, as many fly fishers, I Stay home and do the thhings I like, reading, listen to music in front of the fireplace waiting for better days to come. And they will come I hope, not like last year wher we couldn’t fish before summer. Anyways, I like to fish when the weather is fine, when the levels are right and the fish is wild.

Watching that film on Pat Jaeger, guide in Northern California, made me remember all those reasons why I don’t like the early days of fishing season, and why I love the warmth of the afternoon, the smell of flowers and grass, the sounds of the forest and its birds. That is all what that film brought to me, those summer fishing days. Man, I Like to Fish!

The film is called The Garden, I guess it’s because our river, where we go fishing is like a secret garden to us. I love this film, the sounds, the light, everything about it makes me remeber why I wait for better days.

The Garden from Trevor Fife