Can you picture yourself beeing able to travel free and going to Argentina on Rio Paraná, fly fishing for Dorados and taking it easy! There you are, on that boat, daydreaming!

Rio Paraná, is for Dorado what Umpqua is for Steelhead or California for geeks, the place to be! DOrado is that ferocious fish we don’t have to introduce you since it’s on the bucket list of the big ones you want to catch with a fly, and many fishing trips are selling it to you! But this one, that trip on  a boat? You don’t want to miss it, I wish I could be there, on that boat, catching big fat Dorados, which only goal in life is to chew my fly and shred it! And if I’m not happy with Dorados, there are 354 other species in that river! Can you, like me, picture yourself smoking a cigar, feet on the ballister, looking at the landscape going by as the wild life and cattle catch your eyes? Isn’t it the best place for daydreaming? Well, just watch this film on full screen!Thanks to FlyLords.