Costa Rica, fly fishing for Machaca. It’s also called Mini Tarpon, but that fish is something else, it’s quick, it’s got sharp teeth and it only feeds from fruits falling in the water! You are about to tie the strangest flies ever!

Are you ready? This is something you did not expect. Let’s go to Costa RIca, its jungle, and you are going to go catch a fish that only feeds on fruits falling from the trees into the river. It’s a fierce fish, you’ll have to be quick to set the hook, and you’re going to have fun, at least from what we see on the film.

As everywhere else, in the small waters, you’ll catch small ones, but when the river gets bigger… be ready! Than you’ll go to the beach to sleep in a hamock or to surf!

FULL FILM – Machaca – A Botanical Tale from Tropical Fly Collective