Baja California, is the mecca for blue water fishing, and Striped Marlin, when they rush unto a ball of forage fish, are insane, a bit like us when it’s dinner time!

Are you ready to dance? No, this is not a waltz, it’s more like a swing! The emotion you’re going through when you hook a fish like that is insane, suddenly you don’t hear anything, you’re focused on that fish jumping, and jumping, you have to be sure he doesn’t go deep, your arms are painful, you mouth is dry, you want it to stop and at the same time you want it to never end! Enjoy that film, and yu get an extra with moutain biking on a island! Your weekend is going to be hot!


Presenting, Baja Lines from KGB Productions: In remote Baja, Mexico childhood friends stumble upon an untapped Mecca for two dissimilar passions – stalking striped marlin on the fly and progressive, freeride mountain biking. But in this part of the world, almost nothing, other than a cold beer at the end of the day, comes easily, and through hardscrabble adventure and misadventure, this motley crew hopes to find never-before ridden terrain and experience marlin exploding into chaotic topwater action.