Will the weather be fair or will there be snow? Global warming is terrible, we cannot predict what the weather is going to be next week. Summers are not summers, anymore and so far we cannot bet what the weather will be in Fall.

You get it, it’s hard enough to go fishing far from home because you never know if the fish is going to be playful, but now, we have to be afraid of the weather! Forecast is unstable as a bipolar, you never know what you’re going to get and there is no Lithium to prevent moodswings!

So we’re going to Chamonix to shoot our next film : Fly FIshing Around Le Mont Blanc, bit we don’t know what the weather will be lilke! Maybe we’ll go skiing instead? And what about if there is not snow? Here’s a great film in Stop Motion by Sämi Ortlieb, it’s a jewel we’re watching over and over to chase the curse away!

Maneuvers from Level 1