This week, I had a hard time proposing a step by step fly tying. It may sound crazy but I was out of inspiration. Yet there is no lack of patterns in our passion. We find something for everything.

As often when this happens to me, I go on Instagram and I take my eyes off it. At first I was looking for nymphs and then I drifted on trout streamers then those for pikes and ended up with some exotic flies… In the end, I was no further ahead. And then when I put my stuff away, I came across a little paper bag. I was gonna throw it in the trash, but when I grabbed it, I realized there was stuff in it. Inside, there was tippet, a box of hooks, a vinyl rib pouch and partridge feathers. It clicked in my brain, I had my fly of the week. I remembered a nymph I like to use. I customized it a bit with what I saw on insta. So it gave the pattern below…

The only difficulty is to split the partridge feather in two. You have two possibilities: either to separate them using the X technique, or to fix a feather on each side.