When it’s getting too cold to go outside, when Covid stops us from mingling with others, when we spend too much time cooking or tying flies, it’s like home, we need to open the windows and let some fresh air in the room! Your fresh air comes from Lapland.

Sit back and watch on a big screen, but be ready, this is going to hurt you, it’s going to make you want “fast forward” time and be in the river on those fishing days in May or June! Honestly, did you see those fish! I don’t know about you but I surely want to be there, in Lapland or wherever there is fish, right now! And even if this film is 30 minutes, it ruined my day, now I’m obssessed! All I am thinking of is fishing with my friends and catch those big browns!

To get subtitles, you’ll have to select subtitles on the square at the right bottom of the screen than go the cranked wheel and choose automatic translation and than select English (or whatever you are comfortable with)!