On Seasons.tv “Le Tour du Mont-Blanc à la Mouche” is currently broadcasted, the latest movie stamped Mouching.

Those who already watched it, could see that we caught a lot of fishes either in dry or in nymph in dreamy settings. Beyond fishing, it was a real moment of pleasure between friends with fun and good food. I hope that it has given you the desire to come and visit this little corner of the world. If this is the case, we won’t leave you in the lurch when it come to choosing flies. Here is the small Mont-Blanc tour selection.

We start with the nymphs which are essential to go and get some fish in powerful veins. Nothing extraordinary for the two models here but they are devilishly efficient.

If, like me, you like to fish in tandem, here is the ideal indicator: the grasshopper. Visible, it floats perfectly thanks to its foam body and deer wing. You’ll soon realize that you can fish dry in fast currents. You will be surprised by the violent attack of the trout on these terrestrials. A real treat.


And to finish this selection, here is the fly of our friend Richie who made us discover the Italian side. A real paradise for trout and salmon. But above all, his fatal weapon: the wasp. We would never have thought of putting this at the end of our nylon and yet…