Tarpon is probably one of the most fun fish to catch! It’s very close to calf wrangling! But out of 10 Tarpon hooked, maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll bring 4 to the boat!

Man I Love Fishing! Especially when it comes down to Tarpon! I don’t know what I’ll give to be on a boat right now and cast at those big silver bar! It gives so much,

The scouting: when you’re all eyes to the sea, looking deep into it, not scouting the surface, looking for that black shadow.

The casting: do I have the right fly, will I cast it right where it’s supposed to land?  The strip, Am I doing the right thing, is that fish going to take it? 

The fight: Is my tippet strong enough, did I set the hook properly, am I gonna manage that other jump? 

Tarpon fishing is something else. Just looking at that film transports me instantly to those green waters. Does it do the same to you?

And we love the soundtrack!