We’ve been waiting for a film by Rolf Nylinder for over a year now, waiting for his poetry, the freindship that is always part of his adventures, something different, a “je ne sais quoi” that makes his films so specials, and that is something so different than the fishporn we watch month after month, always exepcting something different and always finding the same films… This was worth waiting, The Trophy, 48 minutes of absolute bliss!

Here qe are, July 2021, with Rolf  and his best friend Håvard Stubö from Jazz & Flyfishing, but there’s also Markus Lemke and we are all together for an amazing journey in Lapland, between Sweden and Norway, where everything is bigger and more numerous , trout like moskitos!

It’s definatly one of the best films we’ve watched this year, we’ve already watched it several times at the office.  A real moment of true love and friendship, two things that make flyfishing so unic! Fly fishing is not a lonely game, you HAVE to share it, fly fishing and friendship is like, fries and ketchup, hotdogs and buns, or whatever you want, you fish alone? You’re missing so much and this film is a reminder!

So get comfortable, this is almost one hhour long, one hour of total bliss, a journey into paradise!