This morning it snowed. A few days ago, my #9 fly line was lying on the rocks of the Gulf of Morbihan. Needlefish were hunting and I saw a superb sunset. But this morning, it snowed.

So to warm the hearts, your souls, we are going to Australia. With Todd Moen. I can already see you imagining the fish of the Great Barrier Reef, the gigantic beaches, the trevallies of all colors. You are there too!

Australia is a bit the country of extremes. Where everything seems incredible: from landscapes to fish. And this film further confirms this impression, alternating sequences on the boat and on board. Mangroves and flats. Trevallies and cobias. In short, a whole other world!

I can’t wait to go back to the Gulf. To believe myself in the tropics for a warm evening, stalking seabass between the oyster tables. That day is coming! We can see this clearly in the days that are getting longer and the temperatures that are close to 20° at times. But this morning, it snowed.