There are many countries that make fly fishermen dream about, but there is one that fits particularly well with Le Mouching spirit:

Argentina !

Sick stretches with breathtaking scenery, Argentina makes you dream! Crazy rivers, fish of all sizes with an excellent potential for big ones, whether it is Trout, Dorado, Brookies… All fished with dries as big as a slice of Aveyron sausage!

We add to that a very nice and calm people ! Easy in the morning, not too hard in the evening… the real pace of life.


And then there’s the food! Oh my! Forget veganism and other meatless diets! 45 million inhabitants, 45 million cows… do you get the idea? It’s not exactly the country of “the little organic quinoa salad”! And I’m not talking about the other animals that are, unfortunately for them, all as pleasant to eat…



So when you on a fly fishing trip with a bunch of good people, it’s bound to be an excellent trip! All washed down with good Argentine wine…


So, when I decided to invite some friends to come along and prospect new spots with Julien (who is also a guide), so we would be able to organize trips there, the answer was not long in coming…

We rented a little pick-up, we called some local friends, and there we go! 12 days of prospecting between camping in the wild and cabañas* (*cabin). The nice thing when you fish with your friends abroad, especially in Patagonia, is that you have the feeling that you are the first one to come in the area. You can go for miles without seeing no one! And the density of the trout helps you beleive you’re the first to fish there! You share something absolutely incredible, a kind of well-being that makes you smile all the time.


Lake, river, mountain, steppe, fishing shitty days and crazy days… a big kick of emotions. Something that gives you the blues when you think you’ll have to go back home and work like an idiot… These things should never stop!

To be continued in the next episode…


There are still a few seats available for the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. So if you are looking for adventure and you dream of fly fishing in a part of Patagonia Argentina where “almost” nobody goes in a good atmosphere with Mouching sauce, or simply if you want information, it’s here : Globe-Truiteur . (French, English and Spanish spoken)