Ah! You are excited at the idea of going to the river’s banks, are you planning next year’s fishing trip, anyway any case, you are like us, we get over excited and we rush like bears on speed as soon as it is opened season! Surely by making all the fish around hide away. There is another way, MEDITATION!

So, are you ready? You have the whole winter to get started, it can be through the stupid videos you can find on Youtube (open your chakras and let the kingfisher sleeping in you be free) or meditation courses that are great and that we recommend: The Headspace Meditation Guide on Netflix (because it’s made by a friend of ours) for instance. But anyway, our thing is, of course, to catch fish and let them go back to the water in good shape, but it is especially to be in complete harmony with our environment, nature. Well, if we still have some gas left next year, we’ll go fishing in full serenity! In the meantime, have a good week-end and a good movie !