Loads of fish, a grandiose scenery, an extraordinary feeling of solitude. A dream that comes true! What a slap in the face! I wish to each fly fishing addict to know such a feeling of happiness that our passion gives us on a destination like Greenland.

The first days are rather shy on my end, because I like the work well done … I am here to cook the food and to please the customers and eventualy accompanying them on the river and give them a hand on the technical difficulty. I still go every day to test the fishing and enjoy myself without going too far away. Near the river’s mouth, most of the fish are “silver” because they do not have their “love parade” dresses yet. But damn how powerfull they are! The fishes take you easily to the backing. What a pleasure!


For the food, we make up with the local products, but we trun it French Style! Fresh cod that we catch ourselves at sea, we make Estofinado (a kind of Cod brandade as we do in Aveyron, where I’m from, so better)!  Reindeer, musk ox just fried with potatoes in the oven with ceps picked on the spot, incredible! In short : we didn’t die of hunger!


My first “real” day of fishing, I spend it with Aurélien who made me discover the river on about two good hours of walk from the lodge. The mosquito net on the head is compulsory… Damn it’s really annoying those bugs! And the n at thefirst stop to drink a drink at the river, guess who is the idiot who looses his little net?! What a drag! It turns quickly into a nightmare, but I didn’t travel thousands of kilometers to be bothered by shitty bugs !


For the first time I test the foam fly. The most exciting fishing I’ve done on this destination! You throw a kind of colored flip-flop 3/4 downstream, you make it drift, and you love it! When there are big beasts attacking the fly, it makes a HUGE wave that follows the fly and accelerates to grab Greg’s flies! Fuck yeah!


The atmosphere at the lodge is quickly relaxed, and after two days everyone talks together. Here, no wifi or network! Well, it feels good! So everyone shares some very friendly moments, all (well!) washed down with Danish beer, wine, whisky and the whole package “to easily make friends in one evening” …


And like all good drunken evenings, there are always brilliant ideas that are born! I challenged Aurélien :

  • “Catch a fucking Char at Tenkara in Foam Fly and I pay for my bottle!
  • Bet’s on!”

And he did it ! It was a really cool and funny moment between friends.

The second week went by at high speed. The time passes more quickly when we take advantage of the good things… We saw reindeers, arctic foxes but no musk ox. And especially, we did not cross anybody, except the inhabitants of Erfalik Lodge.

Conclusion of the stay, a dream of pure emotions! A destination out of time where despite the presence of a handful of people on the spot, we forget the weight of humanity itself. Personally, that’s what I like… Extraordinarily beautiful and combative fish, which catch on the surface as well as underwater… A magnificent lodge with all the necessary comfort to live the destination to the fullest! All this mixed together is not really expensive! Well, it is, but it is part of the things to do at least once in his life!

 A big THANK YOU to Thomas (The Gateway) and Aurélien for inviting me. Relax Your Soul !