It’s like a trip where we are still a bit foggy from jet lag, where we don’t understand everything, but everything seems fantastic, where we are lulled by an unknown language but which charms us! We’re mainly guided by Emilie Björkman!

A documentary as we would like to see more often, a documentary that transpires emotion and joy, not fish porn by anglers who only talk about the size of the fish and the length of the tippet, all of that we do’nt really care about. In any case, happiness is not to be measured (go tell that to all the fishermen who confuse the size of the fish and the size of their dick…), happiness is like the air, it is loaded with various perfumes that some smell with pleasure and that others will hate, it is sometimes hot and humid like the summer days after the storm, sometimes dry as a stick. Happiness is different for everyone, with our stories, our past, our dreams. But in this film, happiness transpires, it’s all you can see!

So let yourself be carried away, happiness is universal.

Emilie Björkman: WE LOVE YOU!